• General Maintenance and Setups

    We appreciate that no two guitars are the same, and no two players are the same . When you bring your guitar over for a setup, we ask you a number of questions and carefully asses your guitar to make sure that the setup is optimized and customized to your way of playing . A guitar setup report is created for each guitar so that you have a reference .

  • Woodworks

    Buiding guitars means that we can also rebuild them . You name it , we can fix it! From Broken headstocks to shattered instruments, if it's made of wood , we can salvage it!

  • Electrical Works

    Installing pickups, replacing electrical components, guitar re-wiring, electrical mods, and more

  • Guitar Refinishing

    We have a professional paint booth at the shop that is setup to spray old school nitrocellulose lacquer. this allows us to do all sorts of refinishing work and finish repair.

  • Luthiery-Specific Jobs

    Refrets, neck shaping, neck resets, fretboard replacement, truss rod repair/ repacment, bridge reglue and shaving , top bellying repair, guitar humidification, nut and saddle fabrication, and more

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